core 2 duo

  1. compgeek89

    WTS: P4 & Core 2 Era Parts (CPUs, DDR2, GPUs, Full PCs/Part Out), Cisco APs

    This is a bit of a feeler in that I have no idea whether anyone is interested in this stuff at all. If you are, let me know and we can negotiate something as long as I'm not doing all the work to package and ship for nothing. I'm also open to any feedback that says there's no interest in this...
  2. noclevername

    Need help overclocking a CPU for a friend

    I have never had the pleasure of overclocking something this old. I started with my 2500k, then 2600k, than 4790k, lastly 7700k. I told my friend I would do what I could, but I am having hard times getting it stable. I will get full specs when I return home so I can get board model number. The...
  3. The Internal

    FS: Core 2 Duo based casual gaming rig $TBD / two matched Geforce 280 GTX GPUs $125

    Heyo! I'm trying to clear up some clutter / could use some money for some unexpected expenses, so I'm trying to sell off some of my older parts. I have two matching EVGA Geforce 280 GTX cards (model 01G-P3-1282-RX) I'm currently using in SLI for my backup rig. They are a bit on the loud side...