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    Recommended display settings for an LG 32UN500?

    So I've been using RTing's recommended calibration settings because the only difference between the UN500 and the UL500 is higher brightness and slightly lower(?) colorspace. But I noticed that the black contrast seems rather low for a VA monitor (blacks seem way too gray to the point where...
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    Does anyone have the Dell U4320q? Impressions?

    I’ve been reading online and I am about to get it, but the only thing that concerns me are reports of contrast ratios in the 600-750:1 range. Does anyone else have experience with this?
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    Any high-contrast 16:10 LCD monitors out there?

    Hello everyone! I need some advice. I'm looking for a specific kind of monitor. I like a lot of contrast (for movies/pictures) and 16:10 aspect (for documents and web browsing). I highly dislike the IPS glow. Therefore, a VA matrix would be perfect. 16:9 won't do (I'm a programmer and need a...