1. cageymaru

    Concert Venues Use Facial Recognition to Identify Stalkers and VIPs

    Concert venues and organizers are turning to facial recognition solutions to identify security threats such as stalkers and important individuals who are to be treated as VIPs. Taylor Swift fans were unknowingly scanned at a kiosk that displayed rehearsal clips of the star at her Rose Bowl...
  2. cageymaru

    Alt Radio Station WFPK Utilizes VR to Allow Fans to Experience Sold Out Concerts

    Alternative radio station WFPK is using virtual reality (VR) to bring the concert experience to fans that aren't lucky enough to get a ticket to their weekly sold out concerts. The concert hall at the station only seats 70, so fans of the venue have to be quick and lucky to get a ticket before...
  3. DooKey

    Facial Recognition Strikes Again in China

    If you're a wanted man and hang out in a crowd of 70K at a concert you probably think you'll be just fine as long as you keep a good eye out for police. Wrong. In China they are increasing their use of facial recognition and putting up security cameras everywhere. The wanted concert goer felt...