computer case

  1. C

    Bad to have case fan slots that you are not using?

    Since I think I need a new power supply, I am planning to upgrade my case, too (I have some need for an additional bay, too). My computer is an HP with a 4th gen i3, I upgraded the ram to 8gb, and the graphics card to MSI R7 240. Maybe I will upgrade the graphics card again to help support a...
  2. W31 D0n9

    Any interest in DIY panel for open-air pc case?

    After searching for an open-air pc case, and only finding a few offerings (from Thermaltake, Lian-Li, Feros, InWin), then researching fully DIY build projects, I was inspired to design something on my own. I wanted something that had the quality and polish of the branded cases, with a more...