1. Zarathustra[H]

    QSFP28 questions

    Hey everyone, I've been searching on eBay and have seen that Intel 100Gbit QSFP28 adapters have started to become affordable, and I am toying in my mind with maybe upgrading. From googling, it looks as if qsfp28 is just four sfp28 lanes, and sfp28 is backwards compatible with SFP+, so if I use...
  2. B

    Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection?

    Hi, I have Command & Conquer Remaster and think about buying Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection. Anyone bought it from Origin and successfully runs 17 bundled games in Windows 10? Thanks
  3. B

    Wireless Mouse with 2.5GHz and Bluetooth Modes?

    Looks like I am behind mice tech. I recently saw mice that incorporate wireless 2.5GHz radio frequency mode and also Bluetooth 3 and 5 mode. I think it makes mice versatile and gives them broad compatibility with different devices to work with. Like my PC may not have Bluetooth but I can still...
  4. B

    Contemplating Between 2 Motherboards for Ryzen 5 3600

    Hi, I am contemplating between 2 motherboards: 1. ASUS Prime B450M-A 2. Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite Which would you prefer and why? My planned build: - Ryzen 5 3600 - Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB 3200Mhz RAM - MSI RTX 2060 Ventus XS 6G - Corsair PSU 650W Gold
  5. cageymaru

    ASUS Releases List of 300 & 400 Series AM4 Motherboards for Next-Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs

    ASUS Statement on 300 & 400 Series AM4 Motherboards for Next-Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs 2019/04/29 ASUS will release BIOS updates for its 300 and 400 series motherboards to add support for next-generation AMD Ryzen CPUs. The latest BIOS update for each...
  6. cageymaru

    Valve Increases the Usability of Proton in the Latest Steam Client Beta

    The Linux PC gaming community received a nice surprise with the release of the latest Steam Beta client. Steam Play now works on non-Steam game shortcuts which allows Linux PC gamers to use Proton to play games from other services. For example, the author of the article was able to get a copy of...
  7. spacedrone808

    Theoretical maximum specs for AMD cpu based platform under Windows 7

    CPU: 3950X [confirmed by Amx77] RAM: 192Gb [confirmed by microsoft] If you need even more RAM switch to Enterprise Server 2008 R2 [up to 2TB of RAM] SSD NVME: Samsung 970 PRO [confirmed by silent157 on youtube] SSD NVME RAID 0: possible [confirmed by cyklondx] LATEST MOBO: Gigabyte on x570...
  8. cageymaru

    USB-C Audio on Smartphones Is a Convoluted Mess

    Gordon Mah Ung of PCWorld has been trying to find out why the USB-C connection, which is supposed to be universal, doesn't always work for audio on smartphones. It seems that some phones such as the Google Pixel 2 XL require a USB-C audio device has a built in DAC (digital-to-analog converter)...
  9. cageymaru

    The State of Linux Gaming After the Advent of Steam Play and Other Tools

    Jason Evangelho has taken a deeper dive into Linux, Lies and Steam Play compatible video games. He touches on subjects such as ease of use when it comes to making Windows games run on Linux. Liam Dawe, of Gaming on Linux fame, assists Jason on his journey into gaming on the OS and it is nice...
  10. spacedrone808

    Anyone tried 2990WX with Windows 7 x64?

    Just want to know
  11. cageymaru

    MSI Leaks Intel 9000 Series Compatibility Chart for Z370 Motherboards

    MSI web genies has made a boo-boo and posted that "MSI Z370 Motherboards are Optimized for Intel 9000 Processors." Well as far as I know Intel 9000 processors are still unannounced. So either Intel forgot to launch them or MSI jumped the gun. :D Thanks PCWorld. MSI, the world leading gaming...
  12. spacedrone808

    AMD Ryzen/Threadripper Windows 7 100% compatible configurations

    ONLY 100% working configurations should be posted. Not just "i tried it and it runs stable for 24H", this is not an option. Only production environments without any glitches. Please, no junk messages. Only config reports. Here is mine for example: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 OC 3.8Ghz | Gigabyte GA-AX370...
  13. euskalzabe

    Doesn't every DDR4 motherboard support any DDR4 stick?

    Regardless of speed (faster memory on slower mobo will perform slower, obviously), doesn't the DDR4 specification precisely serve to guarantee that any DDR4 DIMM will work on any DDR4 motherboard??? I ask because I'm about to build a new Ryzen pc and I've never had this concern before. I bought...
  14. K

    NZXT Phantom 630 with Corsair H115i Push/Pull?

    Hi.. Guys... Does anyone here know whether NZXT Phantom 630 can fit top mount Corsair H115i with Push/Pull configuration?
  15. D

    Trying to extend and old systems life - RAM compatibility?

    Just wondering if anyone could give any advice in relation to RAM compatibility with my motherboard. Basically I've got an older system which I'd like to try squeeze a little more life out of - I can't afford a whole new system, however I can afford a couple bang-for-buck parts. RAM isn't the...