chrono trigger

  1. R

    The PC Port of Chrono Trigger Is Not What People Expected

    Square Enix surprised everyone with a re-release of 1995s "Chrono Trigger" which gave PC users the ability to buy it for the first time. However disappointment soon set in when people heading to the Steam store page realized that this port is not of the original SNES release, but the mobile...
  2. Q

    Secret of Mana remake PS4, PS Vita, PC Feb. 15, 2018 With co-op! This came out of nowhere and I will definitely be voting with my wallet and buying it. I hope it starts a trend. I'm...
  3. cageymaru

    I Am Setsuna

    I Am Setsuna. An ode to ChronoTrigger and other RPGs like it. July 19, 2016. Square Enix’s I Am Setsuna western release date set Official website. I Am Setsuna