1. AlphaAtlas

    The Web's Creator Comments on Its Future

    The internet turned 30 this year, and CERN celebrated it with a long (and if I'm being honest, not particularly exciting) webcast featuring its creator, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. However, after the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal and what seems like a new privacy/security related scandal...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    CERN Blasts Intel Chip

    Think you're hard on your hardware? ESA scientists definitely have you beat. The researchers took one of Intel's Myriad 2 "AI" systems to CERN, and blasted it with heavy ions from the 7 kilometer-long particle accelerator. Calling this a "radiation" test is almost a misnomer, as typical...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    Researchers Want to Drop Some Antimatter Before the LHC Shuts Down

    CERN is shutting down the Large Hadron Collider for some significant upgrades later this year. Before it goes offline, researchers are trying to squeeze in experiments to answer an important question: does antimatter fall? Antimatter is the opposite of regular matter in many ways, but physicists...
  4. DooKey

    New Zealand Scientists Perform First-Ever 3-D Color X-ray on a Human

    Scientists in New Zealand have performed the first-ever 3-D Color X-Ray on a human being. This new technology provides an accurate picture of the x-ray site that will allow for more accurate diagnosis of medical conditions. What makes this technology unique is it's use of particle-tracking...
  5. DooKey

    Tech Pioneers Try to get a Delay of Net Neutrality Vote

    Steve Wozniak, Vinton Cerf and others wrote a letter to their congressional representatives to get them to ask the FCC chair to cancel the December 14 vote to repeal net neutrality. They wrote that the FCC had many misunderstandings in its approach to regulating the internet and that repeal...
  6. FrgMstr

    CERN Data Centre Passes the 200 Petabytes

    Let's start with what is a Petabyte? I will give you a hint. I will give you a hint. It is not a wound inflicted by your neighbor's dog. The petabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information. The prefix peta indicates the fifth power of 1000 and means 1015 in the...