1. A

    CAT6 for exterior application

    Would it be ok to use regular CAT6 UTP ( to run on the outside of the house under the eaves? Was going to run it behind the overhang so shouldn't see much sun or rain. This is for a camera install.
  2. FrgMstr

    Make and Repair Your Own Cat5 Cables

    A long time ago I decided that I would build and repair my own Ethernet cables around the house and in the server rooms before the days of virtual servers came about. If you find yourself needing to repair or build your own cables, I just came across this thread in the HardForum that is short...
  3. Cerulean

    Aerial cabling hardware and tools

    Howdy! This thread is about aerial cabling when underground cabling is for whatever reasons not possible. To boot this is an area of many firsts and much ignorance for me. Here is a scenario: you have an office building and an almost-all metal 3-4 story garage with CCTV cameras, and the DVR is...
  4. Cerulean

    CAT5e/6 shielded cable crimping

    My brother has brought to my attention that many YouTube videos and websites he finds on how to crimp for a shielded CAT5e/6 cable, including the shielded cable that was crimped at his house by the ISP, show that the sleeve is not inserted into the RJ-45 plug. Example...