1. P

    SSD + Expansion Card Compatibility Question

    Hello! This may be an easy-to-answer question, but I am looking for experienced folks' opinions and knowledge. Are these SSDs compatible with this Expansion Card? Are there any known issues or facts I need to know about?
  2. S

    Wifi Card Compatibility

    Hi, I have a question about the compatibility of the Acer Aspire R3-131T with the Intel Wireless AC 9560 wifi card mini pcie chipset. I am wondering if the wifi card can work with this laptop. The old wifi card is the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165. Thanks for helping me with this issue!
  3. NoxTek

    Current state of PhysX? Is it well and truly dead?

    I've come to a point where I'm fortunate enough to have several 'back up' GPUs at my disposal should my Asus Strix GTX1080 fail at a time when crypto miners have run the prices up to astronomical levels. I've got a couple of GTX 660s, a GTX 770, a GTX 780, a GTX 980, and I think even a lowly...
  4. G

    Position dependent (vertical or horisontal) motherboard issu

    Hi, Here's the configuration of the computer. Acer Aspire M5100 Model: AM5100-U5301A Motherboard: F690GVM (that's what Open Hardware Monitor shows) CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ RAM: 4 sticks of 1GB DDR2 NANYA NT1GT64U8HBOBY-25D (looks like these are replaced as there's HP stickers on...
  5. FrgMstr

    Go with the Re-Flow

    This is one of my favorite threads on the HardForum and I have been watching it since 2009. Many folks have found that using a home-brewed re-flowing method to fix dead video cards often works. The quick explanation is that reflow soldering can reconnect broken connections on an old card, or...
  6. Suprfire

    $100 Steam Gift Card for $84.99

    $100 Steam Gift Card - BJs Wholesale Club No BJ's membership required, ships free.
  7. FrgMstr

    XFX R9 390 Double Dissipation Black Edition Review @ [H]

    XFX R9 390 Double Dissipation Black Edition Review - Today we review a custom overclocked AMD Radeon R9 390 video card in the form of the XFX R9 390 Double Dissipation Black Edition 8GB video card. We will compare it to an ASUS GTX 970 STRIX DCII OC video card, including both video cards...