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    Recommended display settings for an LG 32UN500?

    So I've been using RTing's recommended calibration settings because the only difference between the UN500 and the UL500 is higher brightness and slightly lower(?) colorspace. But I noticed that the black contrast seems rather low for a VA monitor (blacks seem way too gray to the point where...
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    Calibration Horrors: Win10-->nVidia-->TN based Dell S2417DG

    Win10prox64/GTX 1080ti/yadda3... Brief: Got 3 calibration variables in the way for color correction. How to keep Win10 out of the loop as much as possible, and how to proceed with calibrating this thing when all panels are different? TL;DR; Ok, I'm yet another person struggling with the...
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    Oculus CV1 Calibration

    Anyone have tips for calibrating this thing? Couple specific items that are troubling me so far: 1. It seems like in some apps/games I really have to crank my neck and head upwards to actually be able to see things. I looked into this a bit and I guess it's because those apps/games assume you...