1. FrgMstr

    Cabling Pr0n Makes Me Wirey

    While the "Hurt me plenty" cabling example below is not exactly par for the course, you do have to admire the attention to detail. Pocket-Lint has its 48 obsessively neat photos of cables that belong in a modern art gallery article posted for your viewing pleasure. I know you already have this...
  2. VanGoghComplex

    What do I need to shorten PSU cables?

    I'm preparing a build in a Raijintek Metis case, and this time I want to do custom length cables. I want to, if possible, cut the cables to the desired length and reterminate the molex plugs complete with any heat shrink/sleeving etc, for a stock look. I'm a competent wireman, I've just never...
  3. Cerulean

    CAT5e/6 shielded cable crimping

    My brother has brought to my attention that many YouTube videos and websites he finds on how to crimp for a shielded CAT5e/6 cable, including the shielded cable that was crimped at his house by the ISP, show that the sleeve is not inserted into the RJ-45 plug. Example...