1. P

    How do I install a laptop HDD without the metal bracket/caddy?

    I've got an old laptop off of Ebay that didn't include a HDD or it's bracket. Is there a method of securing a HDD to its laptop port without the HDD bracket/caddy? Would you recommend using tape or some sort of adhesive tack? I've done some research but there doesn't seem to be any conventional...
  2. Disruptor

    Need cooler advice - Socket 462(A) - with mounting bracket

    Hello, friends. I'm looking for Socket 462 cooler, which I could easily find nowadays, and has mounting bracket, perhaps even backplate. My board has mounting holes, please see the image attached.
  3. MrGuvernment

    WTB - LSI 9240-8i Full profile bracket

    Hello, I have the LSI 9240-8i car but with a low profile bracket. I have looked online with Ebay and such but places seem to want $15-$20 USD for a full profile bracket for this card as well as a kick in the nuts amount of money for shipping, I am up in Canada. Would anyone maybe have a...
  4. B

    NCASE M1 screw head problems.

    So I'm having trouble finding the right screws to use for my NCASE M1 radiator. The problem is I can't find radiator screws that have a purely flat head with no countersunk bottom. I need it flat so that the magnetic filter that comes with the case sits flush against the radiator fans (if the...
  5. E

    Anyone have a broken 6800 Ultra video card? Need bracket for anchoring to case.

    Does anyone have a broken EVGA Nvidia 6800 Ultra Video Card lying around? I have one that works, but I'm missing the bracket that anchors it to the case and screws onto the card. I really only need the bracket. The bracket needs to have two DVI cutouts and one SVideo cutout at the top. Can...