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    Eco mode on 5900X reduces my idle at-the-wall power by 30W - how can I do the same without eco mode?

    I don't really understand how eco mode reduces my at-the-wall power from 78W to 48W at idle, when at idle the processor is using far less than the limits of eco mode anyway? I tried eco mode and found my single-core boost improved to a rock-solid 4950MHz, but understandably dropped all-core...
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    Titan X Pascal - Abnormal boost clock behavior?

    Hey Everyone, To my understanding the base clock of the 1080ti will be 1480MHz and the boost clock will be 1582MHz, currently I'm getting stock on my Titan XP a base clock of 1418, but a boost anywhere from 1,797 MHz-1,886 MHz on air and even 1900mhz+ or so on water without touching any...
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    X99 - Turbo-Boost with Xeons?

    I remember some time ago you could run something like the Xeon e3 1231 v3 on some Asrock boards with all cores set to the max turbo boost, meaning all 4 cores would boost to 3,8 GHz. How is it on the X99 Platform? I know that intel later put an end to this with a microcode update, but the older...