1. S

    How to Boot from USB Flask Disk / Drive on an (old) BIOSTAR A880GU3 Mobo ?

    Hi all, I am newbie here.. I picked up an old (2010-2011) mobo (a Biostar A880GU3) for cheap from closed-down netcafe a year ago in 2019. I didn't got the time to tinker with it until very recently. So I managed to set everything up with an unused ATX case, plugged everything in, managed to...
  2. cageymaru


    BIOSTAR has released information on their new BIOSTAR RACING X570GT8 motherboard. Saw it over on Videocardz.
  3. M

    Biostar x370 gets bios splash on about 10% of attempts.

    Hey guys, my biostar x370 gtn will only hit bios splash once in a bue moon randomly. I updated to newset bios. I don't wanna overclock if I can't get into bios on command. Any ideas? Thanks a lot
  4. FrgMstr

    BioStar Racing X370GT7 AMD AM4 Motherboard Review

    BioStar Racing X370GT7 AMD AM4 Motherboard Review - BIOSTAR isn’t exactly a juggernaut of a manufacturer here in the U.S. Despite stiff competition, the big boys are blowing it bad enough at the X370 Ryzen motherboard game that BIOSTAR’s X370GT7 just might be one of the best AM4 motherboard...
  5. N

    BioStar AM4 B350GT3 Motherboard Review (Forum member review)

    BioStar B350GT3 Review by noko BioStar BioStar has been around since 1986 making motherboards. Currently they produce motherboards both for AMD and Intel. Their headquarters is in Taipei Taiwan. Besides motherboards they also make: − graphics cards, currently they sell NVidia GTX 1080...
  6. FrgMstr

    BioStar has its AMD Ryzen AM4 Motherboards Listed for Now

    BioStar is ahead of the pack when it comes to talking Ryzen AM4 motherboards, so I am unsure whether or not these pages will remain live for long. BioStar has three of its X370 chipset motherboards listed on its site; X370GT7 Ver. 5.x, X370GT5 Ver. 5.x, X370GT3 Ver. 6.x. It also has two of...