big brother

  1. cageymaru

    China Uses Facial Recognition to Crackdown on Illegal Subletting in Public Housing

    China has devised a facial-recognition smart lock that allows the government to crackdown on illegal subletting in public housing. Like most countries, China has limited space and resources to dedicate to public housing for older and poor citizens. In many instances, these tenants are illegally...
  2. cageymaru

    Google Patents Data Mining Cameras in Bedroom and Listening Devices in Homes

    Google has created new, exciting patents to eavesdrop on your home environment. One patent will scan your home and identify items in your home. So if you have a shirt from a favorite artist in your closet, it will recommend tickets to see them live. It can scan your closet to learn your taste in...
  3. cageymaru

    Pay for Goods with Your Face in China

    In China, they have adopted technology that allows you to pay for goods with your face. A facial recognition startup called Face++ can track 83 unique traits about your face to allow you into buildings, track your movements through each room in the building, pay for goods at a store, etc...
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    Chinese Pirates are Facing Lifelong 'Social Credit' Downgrade

    As we originally reported on back in December, China has a new creepy system that utilizes big data and assigns all of their citizens a "Social Credit" score based on their activities. According to The Register this system is now planned to be used to assign those pirating content online a...
  5. Armenius

    Oculus Home is collecting data for Targeted Ads?

    Via Reddit: Oculus's services are always on and you should be concerned. • /r/oculus When you install Oculus Home a background service with full permissions is spun up and never spun down. This service is used to detect when the rift is turned on so it can automatically launch the rift, but it...