1. spacedrone808

    Youtube channel dedicated to the best tracker music ever

    Only the best modules. Playlist of the channel revolves from chiptune to trance/metal/chillout or anything you could imagine. Listen to mods and keep cool. PS What is tracker music?
  2. Z

    EVGA Supernova 850 T2 or Seasonic Prime 850 Titanium???

    Hi Guys, Im trying to decide between these 2 great PSU's, (both Titanium) and just thought I would hear some feedback from you. I had already seen a lot of comparisons between the 2, but since im not in a rush figured I would start a thread about it. Seasonic Prime 850 Titanium - $209...
  3. FrgMstr

    The Top 5 Best CPUs of All Time

    The Top 5 Best CPUs of All Time This week we give you a look at what we think are the "best" CPUs off all time. Surely this is a highly subjective look back at all the CPUs we have been exposed to over the years, and you will very likely have some of your suggestions as well.