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    Laptop GL752VW Keyboard backlight stop working is it broken?

    The backlight stopped working and it's usually adjustable from the keyboard like: FN+F3 and FN+F4. It's very nice to have in a dark rooms. I read that one can reinstall the Asus driver Asus ATK_Package_V100061 witch controls this and I did, but all other FN command work like FN+F5 för screen...
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 as PC monitor for work (PWM flickering at high brightness)

    Hi. I'm planning to buy UE40KU6100 TV (which is a curved version of UE40KU6000 which is european name for UN40KU6300) to work and movies. I used it for a short time and I know it's great but I'm little concerned about flickering. On Rtings they say that this TV doesn't flicker at 50-100%...
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    Backlight bleed on Dell 3417W

    Hello, I wanted ask for your advice on a new monitor I've purchased. This particular model is Dell U3417W Ultrawide. My concern is the backlight bleed - it's definitely discernible on a black screen in the dark and some dark scenes in movies in lit conditions, especially the top left corner. I...
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    Keyboard backlight: maintenance and reliability for a notebook PC

    What failures can one expect to occur over the years in a backlit keyboard? Will it get dimmer over time? Will the fading occur evenly or in spots? Can a failure potentially affect other aspects of a notebook PC? Does it make sense to disable backlighting most of the time in order to preserve it...