backlight bleed

  1. Psycrow

    Best 4 k monitor ever !

    Time for a huge upgrade since im still using samsung 27" 60 hz standart monitor but it has magic colours :D So few years i bought a 4 k from asus that was one of the first ones, and it was a horrible nightmare with backlight bleeding and dead pixels and dents in the bezel among other issues...
  2. E

    Backlight bleed - how prevalent?

    I've purchased two monitors this year - trying to replace an old 19" monitor that I am using. Both of those monitors suffered through - at least in my opinion - horrible backlight bleed. It's just really difficult to use. The 19" that I am using does not have any backlight bleed. I'm...
  3. T

    Should I RMA my PG279Q?

    Hi all! I'll be honest: I registered only to ask for opinions on my monitor's backlight bleed. English is not even my second language, but I need feedback from a community as big as possible and I believe this may be the right place. So, I bought an Asus PG279Q a few days ago and I'm probably...