1. cageymaru

    Tesla Owner Credits Autopilot Feature for Saving His Life

    Jubilant Tesla Model 3 owner Amit says the Autopilot feature that enables the car to self-drive; saved his life by avoiding an accident. When another car entered his lane on I-95, the Autopilot feature in his Tesla Model 3 emitted an audible alarm and swerved to the left to avoid the accident...
  2. cageymaru

    Tesla Summon+ Feature Is Clearing Regulatory Hurdles and More Tesla News

    Elon Musk has announced that the successor to its Summon feature called Summon+ is currently clearing regulatory hurdles in some regions as the electric car manufacturer readies for its release. The Summon+ feature will grant Tesla owners the power to summon their cars and the vehicle would...
  3. FrgMstr

    SHOCKER - Autopilot Buddy Deemed Unsafe

    A little device that tricks Tesla's Autopilot into thinking you are actually paying attention to the car you are driving has been deemed unsafe by the Feds. The people that do this crap should be drawn and quartered. If you don't want to drive, fine. Take an Uber. Check out the video. “A...
  4. R

    Tesla Accelerated Into Barrier

    The National Transportation Safety Board has released a preliminary report on the fatal March 23 crash where a Tesla Model X in Autopilot drove into a barrier, killing 38 year old Walter Huang. The data shows that the Tesla made no attempt to brake or to steer around the barrier. The SUV was...
  5. DooKey

    Hands-free Driving is Coming to all Cadillac Models

    GM doesn't want to be outdone by Tesla so it's getting ready to put their own version of Autopilot in 2020 Cadillac models. They call their version Super Cruise, but it has a key difference and it's the fact that it only works on expressways. Also, it won't back your car out of the garage or...
  6. DooKey

    Tesla Settles Class Action Lawsuit Over Autopilot System

    Tesla has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit filed by Model S and X owners who claimed the Autopilot feature they paid for is unusable and dangerous. The second generation Autopilot was sold as an upgrade between 2016 and 2017 for $5,000. Customers will receive between $20 and $280 as...
  7. R

    Tesla Autopilot Nearly Recreates Fatal Crash

    A Tesla owner in Indiana decided to recreate the fatal crash from last month, where the cars autopilot mode drove straight into a K-Rail according to an article from electrek. The video below shows a Model S with the latest autopilot hardware mistakenly treating a right-side land as a left-side...
  8. FrgMstr

    US NTSB Shakes Finger at Tesla, but Why?

    The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board is pissed about Tesla releasing crash information about the recent fatality in a Tesla Model X while the company was using Autopilot and adaptive cruise control. However, the US NTSB did not say why it had issue with the release of the information...
  9. DooKey

    Tesla Autopilot Experiencing Issues Now?

    An Apple engineer was recently killed in an auto crash and his family is blaming it on the autopilot in his new Tesla Model X. The engineer was killed when his car crashed into a barrier in California and according to his family he had complained to the dealer that his car had previously veered...