1. C

    Bought an MSI refurb prebuilt for its 3080. 3080 is 100% defective. What to do?

    I'm really annoyed because I finally got a 3080 thanks to an MSI Aegis refurbished prebuilt that has an MSI Ventus 3080 in it. Purchased from Woot (an Amazon company). The issue is that the 3080 artifacts and crashes at the slightest vibration or touch -- especially its PCI-E connection. For...
  2. nthexwn

    RTX 2080TI - Witcher 3 - Artifacting?

    I built a new rig a couple of months ago which uses a "Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti XTREME WATERFORCE 11G" video card. This comes with an integrated closed loop water cooler and a stock overclock from 1545Mhz to 1770Mhz. I haven't pushed it beyond that. Gaming with this thing has been...
  3. O

    My EVGA 2080ti Black Edition Died after Just two days!

    My EVGA 2080ti Black Edition artifacting and crashing with every single game today, Its been two days since I received the card. I purchased it on this of 19ths December and it arrived on the 22nd. It seemed to work fine the first two days but all the issues started this evening when I try to...