areca raid set incomplete

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    Lost 96TB ARECA RAID >> HELP - Possible to recreate Virtual Volumes?

    Hey everyone, Hoping someone may be able to provide some guidance here as I am in uncharted territory. I recently accidentally broke a Virtual Volume running on an ARECA 1882IX-12 and as a result I am no longer able to access it (obviously) as well as the other two volumes that existed. I have...
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    Areca 1210 RAID SET Incomplete

    Hi! I have Areca 1210 ML (4 channel raid card controller) with 4 x 400Gb WD RE2 (SATA) disks RAID SET with RAID5 volume on it. Today i was forced to relocate server from one room to other and that means powering server OFF / ON. After server was moved and powered ON, Areca's BIOS start beeping...