1. B

    Connect Aluminum to Copper Wire for PicoPSU?

    I Have a 80 Watt PicoPSU with a 60 Watt 12v Power Adapter(Purchased as kit from Mini-box). Setup has been working just fine but I decided to extend the 2 wires for the 12v Input barrel jack as they were not quite long enough(stressed) and further made cable management a pain. The wires are...
  2. F

    RAW V3: ATX + 2x300W (AC-DC HDplex) + full size GFX in 8,0L

    Hello everyone I'm Simon and I have been interested in SFF PCs for some years now. It started out with Unobtainable, then a SG09 mod that got replaced soon after with my own case designs. At the time there wasn't any real SFF cases so I looked into the option of using a laser cutter and assembly...
  3. DooKey

    Aluminum Really Can Improve Your Wireless Performance

    Get rid of that Pringles can and aluminum because you can now 3-D print a cheap, customized reflector that directs wireless signals to where users need them most. A team of Dartmouth College researchers has finally solved the problem of how to inexpensively improve indoor spaces with multiple...
  4. M

    My aluminium loop is ready

    Finally my Ryzen parts have arrived, so i could construct the loop from EK a240g. Thoughts: 1) Disassembling 1080 Ti is a pita. Had to use pliers to remove the screws under the backplate - those are very very tiny hexagonal screws, and it's very easy to kill PCB while taking them off 2) h440...
  5. stelsevo

    Custom_MOD FLEX mini 3.99L

    Please fill this form if you want to make an order. If the form is not available tell us. All information about current orders and shipping dates. - Production: ESI METAL factory (video), swiss solutions «Bystronic» - Material: 1.5mm Aluminium, Powder Coating CASE FLEX...
  6. F

    Project RAW v2.0 [Scratch ITX/mATX build]

    Hello So in the past year I have been doing some designing and creating some small cases in wood, acrylic, and aluminium. Some have failed, others worked great. However those that worked just wasn't good enough for me. But I think this one comes close :D It follows my last project: Project RAW...