1. AlphaAtlas

    Police are Using Drones in 911 Calls

    VentureBeat reports that police in Chula Vista, California are successfully using drones to witness and record crimes as they happen. The police department launched the partnership with Cape last year, and since October, the two remotely piloted drones have reportedly "assisted in 21 arrests...
  2. FrgMstr

    iPhone Will Give Exact Location to 911 Soon

    Apple has now decided to let the caller's exact location to be transmitted during 911 calls, just like every other app on your phone. Under the new system, iPhones will send their exact location to a RapidSOS dispatcher, which will then forward the coordinates to local emergency response...
  3. R

    Phones At Apple Repair Center Are Calling 911 Multiple Times a Day

    CBS Sacramento is reporting that phones located at an Apple repair center in Elk Grove California have been calling 911. The Elk Grove police states that they receive on average, 20 accidental 911 calls a day from the repair center, and roughly 1,600 calls since October. The Sacramento County...
  4. FrgMstr

    911 Drones to the Cardiac Rescue

    They next time you are lying on the ground clutching your chest in agony, and here that loud buzz, it could just be a defibrillator drone coming to save your life (autoplay video warning), you fat bastard! Well, the drone is not going to actually defib you, but it will deliver a kit to your...
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    How a Joke Tweet Brought 911 to its Knees

    I think most of us have had that experience where something intended as a joke went a little bit too far, and you regretted it. Luckily in my case, this never resulted in taking down the 911 system and potentially facing 12 years in prison. In this case, much like with Rick Rolling, a tweet...