1. B

    How Can USB Connected Network Wi-Fi Adapter Work on Full Potential?

    Hello, I have USB 2.0 network Wi-Fi 802.11n 300Mbps dongle that has maximum speed of 50Mbps. I saw the following USB 3.0 Wi-Fi 802.11ac 1200Mbps adapter: What I wondering about is how can this adapter achieve x4 bandwidth compared to 300Mbps still through 5v 500mAh USB port. Obviously I will...
  2. M

    Ubiquiti Router & AP - PoE, SFP

    I used these for about four months before buying an all in one kit from Linksys, its just too much for my own good. I'm no bueno with networking and this setup is like bringing a sludge hammer to build a watch, overkill. Original boxes and manuals included. You will have to do a hard reset to...
  3. wolfofone

    FS: Wireless N D-Link Router DIR-655

    For Sale: Payment: Paypal. Alternative Payments: I will also take Facebook debit payments (no fees heh) or USPS money orders. Shipping Method: USPS Priority or FedEx Home Delivery Price: Prices are OBO, so make me an offer. Reference: Heatware is wolfofone. Other: Continental US Only...