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    SOLD: Like new Google/Huawei Nexus 6p 128GB black

    SOLD Up for sale is a Nexus 6p 128GB version in mint condition. I received this phone as a refurbished replacement from Google. I only used this device for around two weeks while waiting for my new phone, and I can't find any markings or scratches on it. The screen has always had a tempered...
  2. K

    WTB: Nexus 6P Screen or phone for parts

    I tried to do a battery swap and my screen started to cut out after and eventually stopped working. Too much heat from the heatgun I guess. Don't know how else to fix it besides replacing. I need either a parts phone with a good screen or the screen assembly itself. I know it's a long shot but...
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    WTB: Verizon LG G6 Like New

    Looking for a like new or used LG G6 in mint or near mint condition. Must be Verizon version, VS988. Would prefer the Platinum color. Prefer to use paypal. Heatware here. Thanks.