1. A

    Vega 64 missing pex rail?

    Hi all! I have a vega 64 card which has a problem with the 0.8v pex rail. The inductor shows 0.00 ohms when probed. I removed the mosfet, inductor and large capacitor, and the short only appears on the right pad of the inductor (closest to gpu). My question is, is the core dead or possibly alive?
  2. A

    FS: iPhone XS 64GB - Factory Unlocked

    NO LONGER FOR SALE Model: A1920, Space Gray color. This was purchased directly from Apple and is in excellent condition (no scratches/kept in a case). Includes never used retail accessories/box. $NoLongerForSale shipped to lower-48. PayPal only and ships now.
  3. NoEcho

    Windows 7/64 Enterprise non-stop Updates

    For the past week or two my 7/64 Enterprise OS has been requesting updates every night. Sometimes just 1 or 2, sometimes 70 or more. I've been running them, generally without problem. The next day there's more. I don't think the world is experiencing the same thing or there would have been...
  4. karsten

    FS: XFX AMD R9 Fury X

    Card was bought from original owner, no mining was done on it. Comes with original fan (not LED). $300 shipped or trade + cash for Vega 56/64 SOLD
  5. R

    Sapphire RX Vega 64 Liquid Edition Pictured Up Close

    In a post on ChipHell we are seeing some up close pictures of Sapphire's Vega 64 Liquid Edition. It is really a great looking card. Shame if I get my hands one one it won't be the Liquid since I run a custom loop. I also received an email from Sapphire today that says Vega will be available to...