1. F

    i7-5820k Overheating After Lapping

    So I decided to get adventurous and take some sandpaper to my CPU and AIO cold plate because I've never been happy with my temps. Started with 240 grit wetordry, finished with 2000 grit, on a piece of glass for flatness. The cold plate was remarkably even (check picture, no hotspots) and didn't...
  2. S

    Good 550W PSU + 1080 Ti?

    Hey guys, My 2080 Ti FE is due to arrive today and I am faced with the reality of potentially losing my dear MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z...I have a secondary box with a 5820K (OC'd to 4.2GHz, AIO water cooled, 64GB RAM, 3 SSDs - it used to be a VMware ESX box) and an EVGA SuperNOVA G2 550W PSU...
  3. Hagrid

    32gb ddr4, 7700k, 5820k, 1060 6gb.

    I usually don't sell stuff but this stuff is still good(as in still will run everything). Prices are shipped to the lower 48. Payment is Paypal. I sold some video cards to a member not long ago, but he was a long time member with a good post count. I feel more comfortable with that. Like i...
  4. S

    FS - 32gb DDR4, 980 GTX, i7 Z170 combo, CPUs

    Hello, Selling the following: EVERYTHING GOING ON EBAY Crucial 2400 DDR4 Ram - (CT16G4DFD824A) 2x16gb for a total of 32gb - $220 shipped EVGA 980 SC w/acx cooler - $210 shipped SOLD i7 6700k & Asus Z170 Maximus Ranger - $320 shipped (6700k $230 shipped, Asus Maximus Ranger $110 shipped) i7...
  5. karsten


  6. karsten

    FS: MSI X99A Sli Plus motherboard

    Decided to part it out. Only the motherboard is left - $125 comes with box and I/O shield
  7. 5150Joker

    FS: ASUS Rampage V Extreme & New In Box Intel i7 5820K

    So I changed my system from my previous Rampage V Extreme + 5820K build to the 7700k. The i7 5820k I had before was showing some issues so I sent it back to Intel and they sent me a brand new boxed 5820k as a replacement. Seeing as I have no need for the motherboard or CPU, I'm putting them on...
  8. B

    FS: 5820k and affordable Graphics Cards

    1. 5820k Upgrading to an 8 core CPU. Works perfectly $Sold Pictures coming soon 2. PNY GTX 260 Core 216 896 MB Used as my spare graphics card for a few years. Haven't used it in awhile so I am selling it. Excellent condition. $20 shipped
  9. E

    Can you review this virtualization build before I pull the trigger? Thanks!

    Hi and thansk for reading this, here is a bit of background: Im a software developer. I use virtualization extensively: host is Linux and guests are a mix of different Linux flavours and some Windows XP/7/8/10. I use VirtualBox to run everything. I would like to start up VMs faster, have more...
  10. karsten

    FS/FT: 2009-10 Apple Mac Pro 3.46 GHz 6-Core 24GB DDR3 1333 BT/wifi

    -Apple Mac Pro specs as above- 3.46 hexacore, 24GB RAM, comes with GT120. Case scuffed/scratched but no dents. $650 Paypal/Google Wallet shipped Fedex Comes with all 4 drive sleds and one 2.5" SSD adapter. Also includes cables for hooking up a more powerful graphics card...