1. X

    4x 5700XT sale

    ~I have 4 5700XTs for sale~ All cards sold Opening a new thread with some Nvidia cards next. 2x Gigabyte *sold* 1x XFX *sold* 1x ATi(?) $135 *sold*
  2. A

    DEAD THREAD [WTB: 1660 (regular, super), 5600XT, or similar]

    Looking to buy a video card in the $200-250 range. Any of you guys snag a newer card and have an older card you could part with? I have Paypal, bought and sold a few items on here over the years. I'm also folding for the [H]ardest team on the planet, so it will be put to work besides gaming.
  3. D

    navi support (rather lack thereof)

    Running Debian unstable. Kernel 5.3-rc8 latest firmware including the navi firmware Tried using mesa git (19.2 branch) with llvm10 and it built fully but all attempts to use the amdgpu driver resulted in xorg messages saying that 2d and 3d acceleration were disabled. Additionally I dont...
  4. Pieter3dnow

    Guru3d preview of Radeon RX 5700 5700xt

    At Guru3d.com they have a 7 page article on all of the new Navi line up from AMD.