1. D

    WTB: 5600XT for $490 PayPal / Local Cash

    If anyone has a 5600XT and wanting to part ways with it, please PM me. I'll buy it for $575 shipped or $550 in-person. If you are near central WI, we can work out a meetup. I'm located at 54476. Looks like prices are starting to drop again. After browsing ebay, this card seems to be closing...
  2. A

    DEAD THREAD [WTB: 1660 (regular, super), 5600XT, or similar]

    Looking to buy a video card in the $200-250 range. Any of you guys snag a newer card and have an older card you could part with? I have Paypal, bought and sold a few items on here over the years. I'm also folding for the [H]ardest team on the planet, so it will be put to work besides gaming.
  3. Darkswordz

    Warm? MSI Radeon 5600XT = $229.99 after Discount + MIR @ Newegg

    Newegg has the MSI Radeon 5600XT for only $229.99 right now after rebate. This seems like a decent deal for a 1080p/1440p card, if you don't want to hit the used market. The reviews are questionably high. They're almost all 5/5 stars, which makes me a tad suspicious. :whistle: Nevertheless...