4k monitor

  1. Psycrow

    Best 4 k monitor ever !

    Time for a huge upgrade since im still using samsung 27" 60 hz standart monitor but it has magic colours :D So few years i bought a 4 k from asus that was one of the first ones, and it was a horrible nightmare with backlight bleeding and dead pixels and dents in the bezel among other issues...
  2. F

    should I get a 27" 4k monitor? which lg model should I get?

    Hi all... Should I buy a 4k 27" monitor? I have, now, a wonderful viewsonic that is 2560 x 1444, 24". It is getting old and I wondered if these new 4K monitors at 3840 x2160 might suit me? I have been looking at the lg series and oh my there are a *lot* of models in the lineup for 27"...
  3. $

    New Asus ROG monitor....

    ....with Display Stream Compression. https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/asus-rog-previewed-4k-43-inch-rog-gaming-monitor-with-display-stream-compression-(dsc).html TL;DR 43" Native 4k 144Hz via single DisplayPort 1.4 minus the chroma subsampling FreeSync 2 HDR HDR 1000 10-bit image processing...
  4. J

    Budget 4k Options: HDTV vs Monitor?

    I've been lurking this forum since the summer, and now that black Friday is upon us, I figured I finally break down and post! I'm interested in a budget 4k display in the 32-43" range. I've seen the 43" Acer ET430k going for around $370 USD new, maybe a little less. I know of the image...
  5. T

    Suggestin on soundbar/speakers for laptop with Atmos

    Hi, I have a Thinkpad X1E with Dobly Atmos built-in. I connect it to a Sony XBR49X900E 49-in. 4K HDR UHD TV via the laptop's HDMI 2.0 port. I want to enjoy excellent surround sound (hearing things moving around) in my small bedroom. I watch youtube videos (movies, classical, relaxing music...
  6. darkdashing

    Double duty monitor ?

    Does such a beast exist that is decent for gaming and photo editing? In 4k? Probably wishing for too much but I thought i'd ask if anyone has any recs for a display, thanks!
  7. M

    [Seeking Input] Next best monitor to the PG27UQ

    Hey guys, I learned about the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ about two months ago and was eager to buy it for the 4K resolution, IPS Panel, G-Sync, and 144mhz. Though I heard it might not be out until the later half of the year and that it will likely cost $2,000. So wanted to get advice on what other...
  8. S

    10ft/3m USB 3.1 Type C Male to HDMI Male 4K Adapter

    I recently purchased a MacBook for my wife, and realized we needed some cables as the ones we'd used for her old MacBook were all obsolete now. So I went a little crazy and picked up a few different adapters, knowing I'd likely need them for myself when I upgraded. I honestly expected that this...