1. D

    Asus Prime x570-pro locks up at post...

    As the title says, I can't get past the ASUS logo screen with the prompts to enter the bios. I just put together an Asus MB combo with a 3900x on top of it. System Led lights all pass and then boot light is steady green. I'm assuming that is good, right? Asus screen comes up, but I never get...
  2. Halon

    Dark Rock 4 sufficient for a stock 3900x?

    I've been asked to supervise / sanity check a build for a friend who's building a Zen 2 box. Would a be quiet! Dark Rock 4 be sufficient to cool a 3900x with PBO enabled? It wasn't quite up to the task of keeping my 7940x from throttling under sustained load, but I'm hoping it can deal with...
  3. STEM

    X570 Motherboard Recommendations

    I'm finally getting my 3900X on Thursday (WEEE). I have been on ASUS motherboards for years. However, it seems to me that they don't necessarily offer the best motherboards anymore, considering what I see from MSI and Gigabyte. Can you guys recommend a good X570 motherboard that will last me for...
  4. dvsman

    Anyone running a 3000 series cpu on the Asrock x470 Taichi

    Anyone do it yet? I'm about to do the 3900x transplant this Wednesday evening (updated to the latest bios 3.43) but wanted to see if there were any gotchas I should take care of before hand. LMK! Thanks in advance!