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  1. AlphaAtlas

    AMD Ending 32-bit Windows Support in Future Radeon Drivers

    AMD told the Japanese site 4gamer that they are moving future 32-bit Windows Radeon drivers to "legacy support mode." This confirms the rumor from Videocardz last month, and mirrors Nvidia's move to drop 32 bit support. AMD Radeon Software support for x32-bit Windows operating systems has been...
  2. Q

    RAM reservation by GPU in 32 bit Windows 7?

    A friend is considering getting a Geforce 10 series GPU - likely a 1050 Ti or 1060 - but is stuck with 32 bit Windows 7. His E8400-based PC has 4 GB mainboard RAM and with his current 1 GB N9600GT installed has 3.5 GB left. How much mainboard RAM would be available to him after installing a 4 GB...