1. D

    Premium 1440p Gaming & Photo Editing Monitor Recommendations

    Looking to buy a premium 27" 1440p monitor for both high-end gaming and Photo editing. 144hz minimum with freesync/g-sync, good colours, black levels and HDR (600 nits or above). If its not possible to get all these features in one monitor then I'm prepared to drop the HDR providing the SDR is...
  2. I

    1080p75hz vs 1080p144hz vs 1440p75hz vs 4k60hz

    Hey guys, help me choose between a 1080p75hz ultrawide monitor, a 1080p144hz (not ultrawide) monitor, a 1440p75hz (not ultrawide) monitor and a 4k60hz (of course, not ultrawide) monitor. Just to mention, these are the monitors available to buy where I live (there aren't no 1080p120hz, 1080p144hz...
  3. luisxd

    Upgrading PC for 1440p (2k?)

    So a friend asked me to upgrade his PC cause he's going to get a 4k TV and wants to game on it. His budget isn't too big so i recommended him to stick with 1440p for now. Currently his PC has an i5 3470, RX 470 and a Seasonic 620w, and i was thinking adding a gtx1070 - 2060 and maybe get an i7...
  4. cageymaru

    NBA 2K19 Gives You a Choice to Grind for Unlocks or Pay Real Money

    NBA 2K19 senior producer Rob Jones clarified the studio's take on microtransactions in the game. When questioned about changes to the in-game currency in NBA 2K19 called VC, he had this to say, "VC is an unfortunate reality of modern gaming." "Every game, at some point, in some way has...
  5. S

    [FS] - ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR 27" 2560x1440 1ms 165Hz

    $450 OBO. I'd prefer to sell it locally (Houston). Item is in pristine condition. It will come with original box and cords. I upgraded to a 34" so this must go. SOLD
  6. C

    Viewsonic VX3211-2K-MHD 31.5" WLED Monitor Flicker?

    Does anyone know how the PWM flicker is on this model? I see that this model is on sale at Office Depot right now. Looking for a productivity monitor.
  7. V

    27"/xx" AMVA+ G-Sync 144-165hz monitors: 7 FACTS AND KEY POINTS ANALYSIS

    Hello everybody! 0/ INTRODUCTION I've been researching about monitors during too much time without success and finally I decided to join this forum in which I found deep knowledge in many users. I wanted a new 27" AMVA+ G-Sync 144-165hz monitor, for my future PC, but I want to buy already the...
  8. C

    GTX 1070 HQ Graphics Card setup

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a great monitor for a laptop with a GTX 1070 HQ? What I was looking for was a Curved 27" (30" + is too much - Phrasing?) 2560 x 1440 WHQD (Doesn't have to be, but it seems like it would be nice) Monitor with G-Sync. Now, I can't find this! Would someone...
  9. cageymaru

    2K President Christoph Hartmann Steps Down

    2K has lost it's president Christoph Hartmann after a 20 year run with Take-Two and laying the foundation of 2K as a company in 2005. Take-Two hasn't announced a successor yet, and is downplaying that this having an affect on future titles in development. I wonder if duds like Battleborn and...
  10. N

    FS: Dell UltraSharp U3014 30in 2560x1600 2K PremierColor Widescreen LED

    Upgraded to 4K monitors and selling my old gear. Dell U3014t w/ Soundbar Asking $500 OBO - Local Pickup Preferred (Dallas, TX) Willing to Ship, send offer with Zipcode for Shipping quote.
  11. J

    new monitor suggestions based on my current pc build.

    So i did a major upgrade over the winter with intels retail edge winter deal. Picked up a 6850k Msi Krait mobo 32gb ddr4 corsair vengence led 2x evga ftw gtx 1070 hybrid gpus 256gb m.2 ssd off course i have more storage thats just a boot drive. Now yheres my question do I go 2k or 4k only...