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  • Hi there. I went to your website and it seems to be down. Do you still make pci-e bifurcation adapters?

    When I try to access the website, its showing: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG
    I am interested in colorful cvn x570m gaming w/ using 2 gpus @ x8x8. I don't know if this supports bifurcation (I know that first pcie is directly to the cpu that does the bifurcation but I don't know if mobo has to support it too). Any info? If yes then do I need a splitter with plx (afaik plx is for no bifurcation support OR when you need full bandwidth to one card)? Thanks!
    I was wondering if you ever got PCI bifurcation to play nice on the x99 platform? I'm currently looking to try to use an Asrock x99e-ITX , A Xeon CPUI, a GPU, and a PCI Raid card like the Asus Hyper m.2 and it's terribly hard to scrape together much information on this subject. Seems like at most I can find hints of it here and there on only a few forums.
    hey, can you share the schematics with me to boogerlad at gmail dot com? Unless you think you have an extra and can ship to canada, I think I could fab one out at work. I'm unable to PM you unfortunately :(
    Would you be willing to provide the files for the riser board?
    I'm interested in making something similar for my board, but it needs to be 8x to 4x & 4x.
    Not sure it'll work, but worth a try.
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