WTTF: EVGA 3060 Ti FTW for RTX 4060 Ti

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Dec 27, 2015
I have EVGA RTX 3060 Ti FTW that I want to trade for RTX 4060 Ti. I'll add cash depending on the model since according to our forum here, it has negative reviews from cost-performance point of view in gaming when compare to RTX 3060 Ti (other than DLSS3 supported games). Please NO DISCUSSION here other than in the previous link.

Reason for trading: I think RTX 4060 Ti has better computational power efficiency in DC (distributed computing) than 3060 Ti. The pcie 4.0 x 8 and 8GB RAM is not a bottleneck for DCing, so I'm good there.

My RTX 3060 Ti is never gamed, never overclocked, never mined, undervolted most of the time and, kept below 60°C at all times and use in DC. It still has 450 warranty days left if that matters and I bought it new (unopened) from a forum member here.

I never done trading here so will need to figure this out.

7/17/2023: Pic added. Not looking for a brand new one.

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3060ti goes for $250 or a tad less even on eBay. The 4060ti starts at $399.

Is that the kind of difference you are looking to make up with cash if someone goes and gets or has a new 4060ti to swap?

With EVGA likely going bye bye their warranty is not something I believe in any longer and I own a 3060ti under warranty. 😎

TheHig, if you look at the ebay past 30 days sales volume for the 4060 Ti card, very few willing buyers and willing sellers at $399. 3060 Ti card sales volume outnumbered 4060 Ti by at least 40 to 1. PM me if you have 4060 Ti that you want to trade with added cash.
Monday bump. Pic added.

PM me the model plus cash wanted if anyone is looking for a trade.
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