Where my Prusa bros at?

If I was gonna build one, I would definitely start with a 0.1. I think at the time there was a Voron craze starting and I wanted to buy a kit with everything I would need. I looked into a LDO kit and decided to go with it but for the next month I could never find it in stock.

Out of curiosity, did you go with a kit or did you just source everything yourself?

I sourced myself, it was a slower process. At the time there werent many available kits for me either and i didnt want to just get an aliexpress kit. All in i think i was about $600
I sourced myself, it was a slower process. At the time there werent many available kits for me either and i didnt want to just get an aliexpress kit. All in i think i was about $600
Once I have a room for my stuff that isn't our office, I'll probably get a voron kit. Most likely a fystec.
I think I'll do the Mk4 kit when available and sell my current MK3S. Tempted to try something else but for now I'll stay a Prusa Bro....

We love ours.

That is too freakin' cool. Is there a model like that of an ICBM or hypersonic glide vehicle? (Any country's.) I'd love to print one off for my desk.

I threw together a quick stand for a large heavy picture my wife would like on the dresser instead of the wall.
Son bought a Voron we are building it now. See if it compliments the PRUSA.
That's exciting! My 0.1 was such a fun time. I want to do a 2.4, dont even need one but the build was just so fun and interesting. Enjoy it!
specialty crimping of connectors with this purchase
I've always found this one funny. So many people make a huge deal about this, yet I bet 95% of them could go into their breaker panel and see uncrimped wires lol. I do make a habit of crimping both, though.
Oh no doubt, Vorons easily beat even the best slinger setups. But my printer started at a measly $60 :D. They key though is firmware settings. That's why I mention the input shaping and resonance compensation. Those are the only way to get quality at high speeds, and more importantly, high acceleration.

Acceleration is really they key to high speed printing. It's what creates the short, sharp jerky motions that make bad quality. You have to compensate for that. Anybody can lay down a long flat line at 200 mm/sec as long as the flow rate keeps up. But what about, idk, a benchy? Or something else detailed with a lot of small layers? Low acceleration means you never get even close to the speed setting you put in.

When somebody says "I print at 200mm/sec", well, it really means nothing. If that's at like, 500mm-1000mm/sec accel, you almost never see that speed.
Voron in action.
This thread started me down the rabbit hole of looking at a Voron. With good directions, I could see myself building one. The build time of 30-40 hours is a bit much, but with some dedication, I could do it.

Then I got to the flashing and programming. I’m out.
I cancelled my MK4 kit order just now. Waited 10 weeks. I wasn't in the 1st batch, 2nd, or even 3rd. I have my receipt that I ordered within 20 minutes of getting the "available now" email, but I guess there were people who ordered hours earlier.

I see the Bambu P1P is now $599 and shipping for a fully built printer, The Creality K1 looks similar if not better and is also $599. It starts to make the value proposition of the $799 kit less appealing.

I think for now I'll just sit out and enjoy my current MK3S. There is nothing wrong with it other than it lacks some of the bells, whistles and some speed of the new machines.

Happy 3D printing.