What are you protecting your steam deck with?


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Jun 6, 2022
I have the Dbrand Killswitch and a skin i got on etsy to keep mine in tip top shape. No screen protector since i have the 512gb matte screen. Would love a mater protector but i havent found yet.

Did i post this just to show off my skin? noooooo, totally not. Either way, this should spark a conversation
DBrand "leather" I ordered the skin prior to getting my Deck by a few months. I'm still undecided if I love it or want it off. Also have a kill switch and no the leather doesn't. Kind of but it's SNUG.


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I like it. Almost looks like copper in the pic but it might be different IRL. Reminds me of the Nissan 370Z copper color they offer. I am amazed how precicely they cut these skins. They almost look like it came that way
The new dbrand case without magnets in it came last week, the bayonet retention system works fine and still fits in the valve case. It also finally included the portal grips, and they are great.
Nothing. I don't want or need anything like that. I'm careful with my electronics and don't need accessories to express my personality.

But I do use the included carrying case for transportation.
I'm using a rubber-like wrap, not sure the brand, but it has a built-in kickstand and 'grippier' handles. And a tempered glass screen protector for the front. Oh, and I still use the original carrying case (which is great).

I am considering picking up one of those JSAUX translucent backplates, besides liking the translucent look, apparently that built-in aluminum heat sink does help overall temperatures (at the expense of a hot patch on the back of the unit.)


amFilm + Skull&Co gripcase SD :D


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What's your opinion on the jsaux v2? Been debating getting it.
If your using higher TDP like 18-20 watts I think its worth it. Change your stock paste while your in their. It does increase noise a bit but its 100% worth it. Note I had to trim a small upper left bumper case support to get it not to hit bumper. Mine was an extremely early. I also notice lower fan RPMs at the given TDP