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    New Laptop - Sager 5960

    Not that far off, about 30 minutes. I can double that if i turn off one of the video cards, but i didnt buy it for its battery life, just as a mobile desktop replacement - with a built in 30 min ups ;)
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    New Laptop - Sager 5960

    I finally got my new beast in. Sager 5960 AMD turion x2 tl-56 proc 20.1" wide screen 2x go 7950gtx (sli) 2x 1gb corsair DDR2 667 2x 100gb 7200rpm hds (raid 0) First off, this thing is huge, over 15lbs by itself and has to be over 20lbs in the backpack with the power supply. This thing...
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    360 to get On Demand Video

    more info
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    online TV/Movie downloads to the 360

    doh, just saw the other link
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    online TV/Movie downloads to the 360 sounds pretty cool so far, just hope the increase the library
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    Turion X2s

    you are correct, but, not in a 19" which is what the clevo has, although dell does have a 20" its still not uxga "With the XPS M2010, you’ll have a front row seat for screenings of all your favorite movies and videos. Sporting a 20.1-inch widescreen SXGA+ display with TrueLifeTM...
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    Turion X2s

    yep - problem is, no one makes a 19 or 20 uxga display for a laptop yet. its the rest of the specs that make it desirable are the turion x2 and dual 7900gtx vid cards and btw that 5k is AU$
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    Turion X2s clevo m590ke, supposedly hitting US shores in the near future :D
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    just ordered my new laptop, tell me what you guys think!!

    I have the same laptop and its great (except for the cracked hinges - but they really dont bother me - much), it plays just about everything i want bf2,wow,star wars empire at war, etc. i did find a few games that it just couldnt handle x3 reunion (sucked and used starforce, so i never ended...
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    Anyone know where to find barebones systems and parts?

    Many of the sellers listed in here offer barebones systems and parts
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    Xbox 360 Cooling Comparo @ [H] Console

    I use the nyko (have since they came out) and have never had a problem with it, also when ever im done playing i plug the controller back into the charging cable and the fans continue to run until the controller has a full charge and then shuts off automatically. the pelicans on/off seems to...
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    HDTV Xbox 360 users?

    I much prefer 1080i on my sony 50' LCD, ive never had an issue with interlacing/deinterlacing that anyone can detect, and everyone ive asked says that 1080i looks better than the 720p when i compare them
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    Oblivion - is a warrior boring?

    cool thing about oblivion is you can do everything - just work on the skills you want at the time. only thing ive hand any issue with is getting enough magic power for the super high level spells as a fighter/thief/mage/etc but if want to sneak i just put on my light armor, if i want to bust...
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    Peter Moore Concedes Controllers Are Too Complex. Is a new 360 Controller Coming?

    Its just nice to see MS is open to other technologies and able to compliment them for what they are. Im sure Sony was a little different. to the public, "our remote is better and we are the only ones who innovate anything and everything" then in a hushed voice to his collegues "copy the design...