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    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    9. i am still running heatsinks that were designed for socket 939 chips, so i would assume it will be fine. the list is spot on tho.
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    Team Red Miner R-Mode 10% Efficiency Improvement

    just in the hive config file? was there any tricks to using a custom pool? ive been meanin to look and see how hard it would be to customize hiveos to NOT use any of the hiveos cloud crap.
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    GTX 1630 to release in 2022. Seriously.

    a high end gaming rig can be built out of a r5 5600 cpu. a GTX1630 is underkill for a ryzen 3100.
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    Looks like Bitcoin is still gonna head down

    All the markets are manipulated regularly. Realestate, stocks, oil, currency, you name it.. Just enjoy the ride.
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    AMD 5600 CPU on sale

    159 for the 5600 ryzen 75 for a b550 mb 104 32gb 3200 ddr4 thats a lot of performance for 350$
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    AMD 5600 CPU on sale

    the 5600 on neweg comes out to 159.99 today. i feel bad for people trying to sell a ryzen 3000 series CPU at the moment.
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    AMD 5600 CPU on sale an actual good deal. today only.
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    100% LHR unlock. Things just got outta hand!

    really? my 5600XTs and 2080 supers are still netting 200% profit a day compared to the cost of running them. and those are not the most efficient cards on the planet. i like when crypto 'crashes' so i can mine more of it in a shorter time because everyone else stops mining.
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    Intel legacy BIOS support removal?

    there are some guides on moving windows from BIOS to UEFI. honestly, it sounds like you would be better off savings things you want to keep on to a USB drive, then setting the PC into UEFI boot and installing a clean windows...
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    How far behind would a TRUE copper be in the current era?

    the OCD in me would have put the ends of the zipties on the inside towards the heatsink. that should work nicely though, the older thermalrights are still very good, most hat a dissipation rating of at least 135w, the coppers were well north of that.
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    4K Editing Brings My Ryzen 5 1500x To Its Knees

    Man i just sold a 3800x for 175$ and it sat for a couple days. I dunno why cpu prices here are so high but look other places.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I have a bunch of iptorrents invites available to quality [H] members. If anyone has an animebytes invite, i would appreciate it.
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    So anyone in here have any tape library experience?

    well i prefer the Lenovo LTO chassis. i have never found LTO to have any long term storage stability, and i got rid of my last LTO chassis last year, so i am not up on the current versions.
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    So anyone in here have any tape library experience?

    Honestly if you must use a removable type, use RDX. otherwise move to a disk to disk backup.