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    AMD A10 Temps, is this normal?

    Take a look at this screenshot. It's a HP G7 Laptop, it originally came with a A6 and I upgraded it to the A10 trinity APU. I've cleaned the heatsink and put the IC 7 Carat Diamond thermal paste on there and look at these temps. The laptop isn't shutting down, the temps look to be accurate as...
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    Nexus 4 now available in white, + free bumper (limited time)

    Thank goodness for the color options. But I'll stick to black and then maybe buy a white back off ebay and change it later on.
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    HP DV6-6145DX Refurb $399 (loaded)

    Just got mine, it's an refurb but wow it looks clean and brand new. It did have two deep scratches on the side as if someone dropped it on asphalt but it works fine. The laptop is amazing, sure the screen resolution sucks for an 15.6inch but for $400, I don't think anyone would complain...
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    Here's my HP DM3-1047NR Specs should be in the sig. Loving this laptop, it's great, even though the CPU isn't anything powerful and doesn't support VT it still gets the job done for me. The pictures are mediocre, took them with my G2, in really bad lighting conditions.
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    still a big difference between 5400 and 7200 rpm drives?

    You won't even see a difference in battery life. There are so many people buying SSDs and installing them just to get about 2-4% increase in battery life. Other than that, performance, you won't even notice it.
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    laptop for Entertainment @ the Airport

    HP DM3. They go for $549 on the site, but you can get them cheaper elsewhere. I have the intel version and it's advertised to go up to 10hours on a charge, real world usage with web browser, and medium low brightness gives me 4:30 hours. It's small, 13in, weights 4.2lb and looks great and...
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    New laptop! Help!!

    Alright, Its time for me to get a new laptop. I'm selling the one in my sig cause it's too heavy and big to take to school with me so I need something light and portable. I've found this hp laptop and it's right in my price range and the specs look perfect for me. With this laptop, I'd be...
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    AMD confirmed issue of grey lines

    Hopefully this fixes the mouse enlargements and the fucking fullscreen video crashing. Fucking idiots those guys at AMD/ATI. If anyone recalls, I built a system for a friend, intel i5 750,ATI 5770, 4GB Ram, Intel motherboard, etc and thats the only thing that bugging us right now.
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    From the back of the pc, I really don't feel any air getting exhausted out. Even when I put my hand over the fan, I feel cold air but can't tell if it's blowing in or out.
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    alright so I guess thats how we're going to do it, also how do i know if the psu exhuasts the air or brings air in?
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    Alright, heres a new built computer for a friend, specs as is, core i5 750 2.66ghz stock, ati 5770 stock clocks, WD hdd, and a BFG 550w psu. Heres the problem, airflow, everything seems fine, the cpu idles at 95*F, goes to 155*F max at loads with the stock intel heatsink fan combo. the GPU...
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    iPhone T-Mobile USA MMS settings

    My settings will not work, I've called tmobile many times, they have no idea what their doing. Does anyone have any settings for T-Mobile USA mms settings that work on the iPhone? Thanks
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    Quick help with memory

    Building a new computer for a friend, just brought the Intel DH55TC board and the I5 750, they're all here and now I need memory, the board says it supports DRR3 1333/1066 But on newegg, I've found a DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) type ram, IS it okay if I just install it on this board? would it just...
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    Blackberry Curve 8520 without data

    No it will work fine, but if you're getting it with a new contract, their going to make you get the data plan, atleast for a month
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    i just got the glass orb color theme and it's so good looking. THanky ouuuuuu

    i just got the glass orb color theme and it's so good looking. THanky ouuuuuu