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    20 year old [H] photoshopped image I found on an old HDD.

    I wish I knew who made this! Just thought you guys might like to see it. lol
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    Guys let's support AMD gpu, and boycott Nvidia, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI

    Yea, it's not so much evangelical as it is instinct, lol. My original parts purchase flowchart had AMD stuff, changed my mind at the last minute. I just don't like partner programs, very disingenuous.
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    Guys let's support AMD gpu, and boycott Nvidia, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI

    Bothers me that i just built an ASUS/Nvidia centric machine.
  4. W Deals 3/23

    picked up a 2tb. great deal
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    i-tunes destroyed my organized mp3 folder, can this be fixed?

    got an ipod for christmas and finally got around to putting itunes on my pc. and i guess i missed the checkbox i had to uncheck that said: "would you like i-tunes to destroy your neatly organized mp3 folders?" 700+ albums in their own folder titled all nice and neat, gone. i've come to the...
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    PSP 2.0 --> 1.5 downgrader released

    i`m on my psp right now. 2.0 is so much more useful...
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    Where to buy a IKEA Jerker Desk?

    i like 10 minutes from ikea :p
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    9600 AIW remote not working

    hey guys im having a hard time getting the remote on my 9600 AIW to do anything. i reinstalled the drivers for it from ATI's website and still nothing. it fails to work the mouse/pc controls or any of the other programs such as the TV. is there anything you have to do to activate it? i'm an ATI...
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    MIDI Cropping program?

    hey does anyone know of a program, hopefully free, that will give me the ability to crop sections of MIDI files into their own .mid?
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    802.11g aol connectivity problem (laptop)

    If it were possible to ditch AOL, it would have been done in a heartbeat. But because his cable company is AOL Time Warner i don't think this is possible. I have tried all i know to connect him via IE & Firefox without the aid of AOL and it just doesnt seem like it can be done.
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    802.11g aol connectivity problem (laptop)

    Internet is Time Warner Cable Because it is Time Warner, or "AOL Time Warner" you must connect to the internet via AOL. As for why it must be Initialized, i have no idea. Yes there is a wireless router, D-Link 802.11g not sure of model.
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    802.11g aol connectivity problem (laptop)

    hey guys, my friends got a compaq presario 2100 with integrated 802.11g. unfortunately for him he has time warner cable internet so he has to connect to the internet via AOL. he recently had a nasty computer problem and he decided to reformat. we got the drivers for his wireless from compaq's...
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    laptop gets random bluescreen then reboots?

    well like i said the bluescreen is only visible for a second or less so its kind of impossible to write anything down. and viruses are out of the question, it was doing this on a fresh format/install. drivers are a possibility. i'd like to add a problem to the mix and see if this may tip anyone...
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    laptop gets random bluescreen then reboots?

    hey whats up fellas? i just installed xp pro with sp1 on my friends laptop (Compaq Presario 2100 (2165US)) and he's getting random blue screens. when he gets the blue screen its only up for about a second then the laptop reboots automatically. what could be causing this? any ideas? side...