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    Rob's HTPC Setup (CableCard, Touchscreen LCD, etc..) PICS!

    I'm still rocking one in my living room.
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    Recent visit to Microcenter - what it was like inside

    Take only one credit card. You can become poor and in great debt really quick in a Microcenter. I know. I dropped over $8000 in one visit there.
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    Rob's HTPC Setup (CableCard, Touchscreen LCD, etc..) PICS!

    I'm the 2nd watcher. Always amazed with Rob's stuff.
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    I went USB 3 for all optical drive needs. I do use it but I keep them in the drawer.
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    How to get cigarette smoke smell out of video card?

    I tried alcohol once for this, but after three days I was drunk AF and it still smelled like cigarettes.
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    The custom/unique case thread.

    Looks awesome, but I agree with travm. It's a precision cut but I'm sure you can handle it.
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    What is so special about Macbooks?

    if you paid the same amount for a Windows laptop it will have comparable parts.
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    First world problems...(to keep or sell?)

    I say sell of the whole thing and build a new one later with newer tech later.
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    The Post Your Old/Retro Builds Thread

    Those are really cool. My company has about 25 of them.We use them to run tests and check faults on the old Arrow III rail cars. They were computerized in the mid 90s. We use Kermit as a terminal program. Almost any terminal program will do, like Hyper Terminal.
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    Buying open box motherboard - dumb idea?

    I've bought Open Box at Microcenter a couple of times. I get the "warranty". All but one worked flawlessly. I returned the bad one and they returned the money. Not really a risk.
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    When do you uninstall games from your drive?

    I have a 4TB RAID 0 with 4 1TB Samsung 850 SSD just for Steam. I always have space for them all.
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    Do you remember your history of smartphones?

    I've always had more that one smart phone at a time so my list will be somewhat weird. HTC EVO Galaxy S3 (work) and S4 Galaxy S5 (work) S7, Note 7 (Had to return 3 of them) and iPhone 7 after returning the 3rd Note 7 Galaxy S7 (work), S7 and iPhone XR Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10E (work), iPhone 11...
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    Just got a new iPhone. Got some questions about music

    None of the bunch of CDs I ripped into iTunes over the years will automatically download onto the phone. I have to sunc it to the PC. But, once I get a new iPhone and do a side by side transfer, it will all be there. It's definitely a flawed setup but I bought into the iTunes world a long time...
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    Just got a new iPhone. Got some questions about music

    It's not that cut and dry in the Apple universe. You have to use iTunes in order for you to do that. Your other option is to buy everything thru iTunes and everytime you upgrage to a new iPhone you stuff will just download onto the new phone.