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  • Since the thread was locked before I could respond to your reply. I took a snippet from the wikipedia page, First Sale Doctrine, 1908, put into Copyright Act of 1976. And if you had read the wikipedia link even briefly. You would have seen:

    In 2008, in Timothy S. Vernor v. Autodesk Inc., a U.S. Federal District Judge in Washington rejected a software vendor's argument that it only licensed copies of its software, rather than selling them, and that therefore any resale of the software constituted copyright infringement. Judge Richard A. Jones cited first-sale doctrine when ruling that a reseller was entitled to sell used copies of the vendor's software regardless of any licensing agreement that might have bound the software's previous owners because the transaction resembled a sale and not a temporary licensing arrangement.

    That's 2 years ago, not all of the judges agree when it's tested, but it's been tested in more recent years than 1908.
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