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    NVIDIA reportedly wants to cut TSMC orders for next-gen RTX 40 GPUs 5nm wafers amid lower demand

    Can you give me an example of this utopian communist country where everyone gets a free 3090Ti?
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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    Yes but The efficiency difference is about 3% between 50% - 100% load. Not a huge concern.
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    Zotac rtx 3090 @ $999 on woot

    A lot can happen in two years. 40 series will be out this year.
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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    You can avoid being reminded how pointless your post is by reading before responding
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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    Which point? The adapter? There’s no dispute. It’ll work to deliver power but it won’t give you the extra features provided by the 4 pin on an ATX 3.0 I made that clear two posts ago. Apologies you got confused. You’re welcome too
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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    You learned something today. You’re welcome.
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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    Right. I believe there’s only one currently by MSI. That’s the main problem if you need a PSU ASAP
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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    An adapter adapts the 12pin. It leaves the 4 sense pins disconnected.
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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    My understanding is those extra 4 sense pins on top of the 12pin PCIe connector allow for better GPU power management and potentially better performance from AD10x GPU's Speaking for myself, it's the route I would go if I was planning to upgrade my PSU. My PSU's typically last through two...
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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    If you’re going to get a new PSU for a 4090 it might as well be an ATX 3.0 one
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    transient power consumption spikes

    I mean... yes, but not in a meaningful way 80+ Gold for example is rated for 90% efficiency at 50% but you still get at least 87% efficiency at 100% load. The efficiency difference between 50 and say 70-80% load which still gives you plenty of headroom is probably closer to 1%
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    Will Zen 4 be the real deal and a worthy upgrade from Zen 3

    With so many cases having options for front and top mount radiators, I wonder if AIO's take advantage of this and offer dual radiator solutions.
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    Gave up and bought the GTX 1650.

    I don't think PCI4 will make any appreciable difference with either of those cards TBH. You'd have been better off buying something second hand. 1650 is a pretty anemic gaming card.
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    Modern GPU Stability Test?

    There's no magic bullet to stress test a GPU, there's also no guarantee that it's the GPU causing the crash and not instability elsewhere in the system.
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    When should you replace an SSD?

    The machine in question runs QuickBooks where I do my invoicing and occasional HTPC duties. The company file is stored on the SSD but also backed up to another drive as well as having a cloud based backup. Loss of the drive will not be detrimental and will not cause any consequential data loss...