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    CD rom problem.

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    Project: Stargate SG-1

    such a shame SG1 was cancelled. good luck on the project, i remember seeing it from day one on here.
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    CD rom problem.

    bump anyone?
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    CD rom problem.

    I uninstalled Nero 6 to install Nero 7 and long story short, I had to reset and none of my CD drives showed up in My Computer anymore. In fact, none of my virtual drives will even work. I run windows XP and I have one ATAPI dvd+rw drive (though the main problem is the virtual drives.) I don't...
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    RL Paybacks: Please Chop This Guy! :)

    lol, ive never seen the goonies, so i had to google it...just done in 8 mins or so, bored at college... someone has GOT to do a better job.
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    Photochop Assignment

    well, i just messed around with it...came up with alot of different variations.. for those who want to know, simply take whatever you want, do a displacement filter on a pre-cutout of the skull itself, then play around with overlay, multiplicity, and color dodge, whatever i dont know if...
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    QUANTUM laptop..1TB of ram.. 6.8GHZ cpu..

    ....i nearly nutted in my pants when i saw this... i didnt believe it was real, and this might be a repost...but Quantum Laptops i thought this was just an elaborate joke.. you know AtomChip® Quantum® II processor 6.8GHz with 256MB on-board memory 2TB non-volatile Quantum...
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    Attack Of The Ms Paint!!!!!!!!

    good movie btw... and yeah, it really is impressive for MSpaint. i swear i'll get the hang of it one day
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    Opera vs. Firefox

    been using opera for a few years now, other than 1)some sites flat out not loading right, 2)media playback issues, and 3)spontaneous crashes, ive absolutely loved it. i tried firefox for a few days,and i just couldnt get used to it...coudlnt customize the toolbars as well as id have...
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    Project: Stargate SG-1

    hehe, i remember the first dayt he thread was actually posted...which is...woah... 07-12-2004 holy crap thats a long time ago. well, i really would like to see it to completion, and good luck with pulling it all together. i just got my hands on sg1 season 8, so, i'm now back into the...
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    How to speed up MSN Messenger File Transfers?

    well, trillian itself is like an all in one IM has aim, yahoo, msn, icq, and irc all in one program. so even if i had any friends on any of the other networks, it'll still be alright to chat with them. of course, trillian pro as alot more features, not to mention plugins that you...
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    How to speed up MSN Messenger File Transfers?

    i too have the same issues...and the only person i know who uses MSN has given up using MSN to send file transfers.. sure its easy, but its way too damned slow...and i'm not going to disassemble my entire home network just so i can use that thing. MSN is fun, the drawing, the buddy...
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    REQ: Its payback time... with a story and pics

    both of them are AWESOME. damn you and your superiority...i swear before the god of Adobe...i shall learn this program and force myself to be creative.. lol great job man.
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    Project: "Huge Big Tower Thing"

    sweeettt FINALLY its back up.. cant wait to see it to the end.. gotta hand it to ya, alot of guys (myself included :D ) start a project and just..let it wither away.. ::Thumbs up::
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    The Invisible people...

    just some fun with photoshop.