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    Hackers Tricked A Tesla Into Hitting Objects In Its Path

    I see no fundamental difference between this and someone intentionally ramming the Tesla with their car. You can't possibly fault the car for a third party's intentional attempts to sabotage it.:rolleyes:
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    Skydiver Sets Record For Highest Jump Without Parachute

    I'm surprised the net didn't disintegrate under the weight of his balls.
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    GTX 1080 Retail Store Availability Only Founders Edition?

    EVGA website is down for maintenance now:ROFLMAO:
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    GTX 1080 Retail Store Availability Only Founders Edition?

    Oh well, it's not like I'm trying to buy life saving medicine. :P My 970 will do just fine until there's less friction to replace it.
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    GTX 1080 Retail Store Availability Only Founders Edition?

    Same with Houston store. Fuck retail stores lol
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    Who has a 970 under water?

    Idle ~36C, while gaming it peaks around 69C
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    Who has a 970 under water?

    My GTX 970 is currently cooled using a Corsair H75 and NZXT G10. I have a small case (Corsair Air 240) and it gets toasty inside while gaming. My primary motivation was reducing noise, since my case sits on my desk 3 feet from my head. It was a PITA getting everything installed and running...
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    Ubisoft Says They’re Cracking Down On The Division Cheaters

    I was killed by cheaters at least twice tonight :( (I.e. I had pulsed another player and I saw him shooting me through a wall)
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    I'm up for doing incursions/DZ if anyone's still playing :D Currently running a skillpower build with 4/4 tactition, GS200 uplay: whrswoldo (same as forum name)
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    Dell S2716DG 144Hz 27.0" Monitor - $498.54

    In for one! Price is down to $489.99 now fyi.
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    Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

    This. It's not a huge issue, but having used my wife's 6P (which doesn't require a button press to unlock) for a bit I'm not used to pressing the button and occasionally I'll find myself hovering my thumb over the button wondering why it won't unlock:LOL:
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    Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

    I purcahsed an S7 in-store from t-mobile today to replace my aging Xperia Z1 Compact. I also considered the Nexus 6p, which my wife has. So far I'm underwhelmed with the S7 :( My issues so far: Fingerprint scanner requires button press - as far as I can tell, the fingerprint scanner on the S7...
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    The Division Breaks Ubisoft Records

    I didn't play the beta and I am really enjoying the full game. The vast majority of the time I have played has been with friends. The team-play in this game is fantastic. The graphics and immersion are also fantastic so far. It's like serious sam with loot. :D Dark Zone pvp is pretty intense...
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    Survey: 60% Of Windows 10 Users Give It A Thumbs Up

    Lack of Windows Media Center prevents me from upgrading my gaming computer or HTPC. If you want to watch protected content through a cablecard setup, there is no viable alternative at the moment. :( I tried to upgrade my laptop from Windows 7 but the update repeatedly failed so I gave up.
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    HOT! Moto X Pure 32GB - $349

    Dead :(