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    California May Issue Digital License Plates

    Privacy advocates are concerned the plates could become tracking devices for law enforcement. I might be a little off but isn't this already being done with normal plates... Heck, isn't it the entire reason for having them in the first place? A specific number attached to your car so...
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    Wacky Web Browser Works Like a Ouija Board

    Why ?!?!:confused:
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    Twitter Lets Advertisers Collect Contact Info From Tweets

    Yet another reason why social media is just stupid.
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    Only 10% of Americans Say They Would Wear Google Glass

    Really 10%. Number seems a wee bit high if you ask me.
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    New Web Site Measures Global Happiness

    Does it sit next to the Doomsday clock?
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    SeaSonic M12II Power Supply Lucky Draw

    Great power supply at a respectable price. I'd love to own one.
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    Google Doodle of Caesar Chavez Lays an (Easter) Egg

    Actually I looked around to try and see if there was an Easter egg hidden on the page somewhere. Something that could have had them honor that dude and give us some Easter goodness also. But no such luck that I could find. Missed opportunity Google, missed opportunity.
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    Store Charges Customers $5 'Just Looking' Fee

    the first time they charged me for this would be the last...I would never return.
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    Minnesota Red Flags Electronic Tax Preparation Errors

    Good thing I use Taxcut. Its also why I wait for closer to the filing date, that way I have the latest updates.
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    McDonald's Installing DNA Security

    Wait wait wait. Armed robbery? I thought Britain was more civilized and people couldn't own a gun? How do you rob a place without a gun? Knife, maybe? nah. If it was me I'd laugh and grab that pot of 500 degree coffee and throw it at the punk. That or start throwing frozen almost beef...
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    Great card at decent prices.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Great card at decent prices
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    Most Useful iPhone Case EVER

    I can see the outrage now when some idiot brings one of these to a airport and gets their Iphone confiscated, strip searched and arrested. Not necessarily in that order.
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    Apple Gets Patent On A Rectangle With Rounded Corners

    Can anyone tell me how this is even enforceable? I'm pretty darn sure that EVERY notebook, tablet, cell phone in existence falls into the rounded corner rectangle. I have a hard time believing any judge, ever, upholding this...even if it gets to trial. This is nothing new, like everyone...
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    3D TV Is No Hit With Viewers

    Please, please let the whole 3D craze die a brutal messy death so we don't have to even hear about it again for another decade.