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    New Spacesuit Go Home Function Could Save Astronaut Lives

    Hopefully Microsoft doesn't code that automated system or that astronaut might end up on Mars, dead.
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    Google Launches Datally, an Android App for Monitoring Mobile Data Usage

    It should have been called Dataleak.
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    Humble racing bundle, starting at $1

    Got it too, always wanted Dirt Rally.
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    AMD plans to release Vega refresh in 2018

    Their main speech will be -50% power usage and 10% performance increase
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    Robots are Coming for Our Jobs

    They built a robot that can manufacture cheap t-shirt. RIP third world country.
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    Bacteria Found on International Space Station May Be Alien in Origin

    I wonder what the bacteria would look like under a microscope... tall white head with big black eye?
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    EA loses 3 billion in stock due to BF2 loot box fiasco

    Great news. Lesson learned?
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    Facebook Captcha Test Wants You to Upload a Clear Picture of Your Face

    They will delete the pic right after they made a copy for security reason.
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    Stripper Revenues Look for Steep Drop Q1'18

    What about glittering body paint?
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    Amazon Releases Their Silk Web Browser for the Amazon Fire TV

    For when is the desktop amazon browser?
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    State Legislator Wants to Ban Kids from Buying Video Game Loot Boxes

    I don't mind either if they ban the ability of children to buy Loot Boxes.
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    Lockheed Martin is Going to Build Laser Weapons for U.S. Fighter Jets

    I think all we want to know really is... is it going to make Starwars laser sound when it fires?
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    Pong is 45 Years Old Today

    Today's game is all about the Ping
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    Cyber Monday Hits Record-Breaking $6.59B in US Online Sales

    I got all I wanted this black friday so I'm happy