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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    Is amazon ever going to have these damn things back in stock? I don't mean the 3rd party service that is selling them right now, I mean actual amazon! Saw one of these at a local fry's but it was the last one and someone ahead of me got to it first :(
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    Picking up HAM radio through my speakers?

    WOAH WOAH WOAH... making friends? Screw that!
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    Invite some of us friendly peoples here to play with! :) I'm not super good or anything, but I am usually down to play :D
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    How To Speed Up A Slow Internet Connection

    I wish Cox was like that with me here in Arizona :( Their reliability and speed has always been GREAT, but when it comes to billing its just awful. I wish they would lock me into a 2 year so that I wouldn't have to deal with random charges every couple of months lol.
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    Tablets Make Your Kids Stupid

    As with everything in life, it is all about moderation!
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    Yeah it isnt too hard once you got a decent group of people that choose hero's well lol. I am enjoying it though, its a nice change of pace from the normal game, which at times I can dread so much.
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    That is the problem I have been having! After playing magic for so many years it just feels so... Odd. I am completely helpless when it is their turn, which drives me nuts. I know it's not magic, and that is probably what they want to do to innovate and all that. Just doesn't work for me, and...
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    TV Evolution: The War for the Start Screen

    Every time I turn on my Panasonic TV there is an ad just sitting there at the bottom of the screen :/ I already paid the company for the damn TV and they want to shove ads down my throat?
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    Invisible Helmet Deploys Like an Airbag on Impact

    I don't mind treating them like other vehicles, but so many of them suck at following the damn rules them selves. Where I work we have a ton of them, and they are such a pain sometimes :/
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    Asus VN279Q Review by PRAD

    I am still most interested in how fast the screen is, and any lag (or lack there of) that could be associated with it. I know the review earlier is a trusted site and all that, just like to view several before I come to any conclusion :p
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    monitor died :( recommendations?

    That is the problem, is I know I would want to buy a new video card. Mine isn't even 6 months old! I don't know how much I can justify spending the money on a new one haha. I may not be poor, but I am certainly not rich :( I think the best decision for me might be to try one of the...
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    monitor died :( recommendations?

    Luckily that won't be a problem since the monitor is dead :p Sounds like if I were to go from 1920x1200 to 1920x1080 won't be too much of a problem. Now if I were to go from 1440p to 1080p i'd almost immediately notice. I guess the question is really, could my GTX 670 even drive a 1440p...
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    monitor died :( recommendations?

    Hmm, would hate to lose some resolution so probably atleast 1920x1200 or anything decent that is higher. I should try hooking up my computer to my TV and see if going from 1200 to 1080 is a difference that would bug me. Anyone else go from 1920x1200 to 1080p and notice a difference gaming-wise?
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    monitor died :( recommendations?

    Hello everyone! So my monitor finally bit the dust :( turned it in this morning then about 2 minutes later it lost power and wouldn't turn back on no matter what I tried. So I am now in the market for a new one! Unfortunately my knowledge in the many technologies is very limited. I guess my...
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    Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC - August 13th 2013 (PC/PS3/360)

    I thought the game was GREAT.. for the first few levels. I loved the atmosphere and everything about it, but playing a stealth character with few kills really becomes boring after a while. They had a ton of fun options on how to murder people in horribly gruesome ways, but fell flat on the...