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    ASRock B560M-HDV no video after going back to onboard

    I made a mistake, it's 5 beeps. Does that mean the CPU? EDIT: I googled and found it was video not recognized. After searching for how to clear CMOS in the manual I found I had no jumper. Even though I could have grabbed one from another computer, I searched Youtube on how to remove the...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I'll be more impressed when they come out with a desktop RTX 4050 Ti or AMD RX 7500 at reasonable prices.
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    ASRock B560M-HDV no video after going back to onboard

    3 beeps, does that mean take out the RAM and re-install?
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    ASRock B560M-HDV no video after going back to onboard

    I just installed an old video card to see if it worked then went back to onboard video and all of a sudden there's no video. Any guesses what I have to do?
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    Intel Demoes Core "Lunar Lake" Processor from Two Generations Ahead

    Panther Lake sounds like a cool lake. :D
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    Meteor Lake seems on track.

    So assuming this is for desktop, what is the lineage going to be? Raptor Lake refresh (2023), Arrow Lake (2024), Arrow Lake refresh (2025), Lunar Lake (2026)?
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    Wordpad reverting back to Calibri?

    This sounds like a funny one but is there a way to click on "set default font" like say if you choose Gadugi size 12 and it reverts automatically sometimes to Calibri size 11. (I mean Wordpad in Win10.)
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    Windows 10 22H2 last update?

    I'm actually excited about the look of Windows 12. But I wonder if I'll have to do a clean install...
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    Windows 10 22H2 last update?

    OK, I got it now. My Win 10 Pro machines got the updates quicker, then the Home Edition was updated.
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    Case selection = SAD!

    Even though this looks better in real life, here's a pic of the Cooler Master Elite 500 with an Antec white LED fan.
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    “Windows 12” or what ever they choose to name it could be heavily ARM optimized.

    I'm comfortable with the name Windows 12. Windows 11 sounds a bit awkward to me. And Windows 13, well that just sounds like a horror show. lol
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    Windows 10 22H2 last update? So it says 22H2 but I'm seeing 21H2 on my machine. When I click on Update I don't see 22H2.
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    Chat/GPT-4 released

    I'm a bit shocked you can make free training programs with ChatGPT. :woot:
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    AMD vs Intel: Which CPUs Are Better

    I still don't understand why Intel chose not to have the same video driver support for the Comet Lake than the Rocket Lake etc. I mean you can have high definition video on the Rocket Lake and later that you get on RTX video cards but they won't offer it for Comet Lake.
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    Gigabyte RGB Fusion question

    Is the Gigabyte B560M-DS3H too cheap to have the rainbow option? Right now I can only put the RGB fans on one color at a time. Would the Fusion driver from another motherboard work?