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    LG quietly launches 27" OLED monitor with 240hz refresh rate

    Right size, right aspect ratio, wrong price. :D In any case it doesn't say it's HDMI 2.1.
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    Will windows 11 clean installe lower my Temps?

    I once replaced a heatsink to get lower temperatures only to realize that it was incorrectly seated.
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    Is there a chance you'll need to buy an ATX 3.0 PSU to use an RX 7500 video card?
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    Building shelves

    Might add notes later to this one. It's about 11 and a half feet.
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    Gave up and bought the GTX 1650.

    It was the overclocked version which may not make much difference because I'm thinking of downclocking to default speed for durability. I just had a brain wave though. I know I can endure the next several months with the 1650 but what if I bought an RX 7500 when it comes out? I read the...
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    Heat traps in new cases

    These might seem like superficial criticisms but for one, if you have a cool PSU, you'd want to show it off. Second, I think cases ought to be made so you can mount a fan near the hard drives.
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    Heat traps in new cases

    Does anyone agree with this? Lately when looking at cases I don't even know if I can bother. They're now putting a sort of metal barrier above the power supply that hides the power supply and hard drives. I don't think this is ideal for either the PSU or HD temperatures. I prefer to have a...
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    Guy buys a 3090ti from Amazon gets Sand instead

    If you're in Canada I've bought at ShopRBC, MemoryExpress, Canadacomputers and Cendirect. There's also, Best Buy, Staples. (Never really tried Vuugo, PC Canada or iSanek.)
  9. W - Newegg's new GPU-only site

    I've ordered from because I'm in Canada in the past but has anyone from Canada tried to order direct from JustGPU? I mean their site is way better organized than the regular newegg web site, it's awesome in my opinion. They took the time to make comparisons on the site very easy. It...
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    Why would Windows re-install video driver?

    Well, I think the one time I did have an issue it might have been watching videos on certain web sites. Then again, it came at a time that I hadn't updated my Nvidia driver for a long time. I imagine by the time Lunar Lake comes out I might want to build a machine then a backup machine as well...
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    Why would Windows re-install video driver?

    I just had an idea. In the future, if I didn't want to have any issues with onboard video, are there any negative consequences to just buying a CPU with no video and a video card? (Years ago there were motherboards with no video ports anyway. But just wondering if there were modern quirks to...
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    Does AMD stop support?

    That's interesting because I thought I read somewhere Intel/Nvidia had more compatible drivers for Linux. lol (Yeah, if I cared about it right now I'd do research but only a passing thought if I wanted to use a real old machine.)
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    Does AMD stop support?

    I can't recall, all I know is I couldn't do a certain thing.
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    Does AMD stop support?

    Well, it happened to me once that I had an issue with a computer that only went away once I updated the video driver. The fact that I bought an Intel i5-10400 for my mother's computer kind of concerns me now they made that decision.
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    Does AMD stop support?

    Come to think of it, in the value CPUs/GPUs, instead of aiming for an Intel i5-11400F & GTX 1650, you might get more bang for your buck with the Ryzen 5 5500 & RX 6500 XT. Usually I like to have two machines (one for gaming, other for watching TV/movies), next time I might build and AMD machine...